Hot Burek Pastry Shop
Hot Burek Pastry Shop

32 Wentworth St. Port Kembla

Ph: (02) 4275 1735
Mob: 0413 603 309

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Hot Burek Pastry Shop front

Welcome to Port Kembla Hot Burek Pastry Shop

The Hot Burek Pastry Shop is an eat-in/take out café located in the heart of Port Kembla. Owned by my wife and I, Rosie and Steve Matic, the pastry shop was recently remodeled to allow seating for up to 30 people.

Burek is traditional dish in the country I come from – Serbia. Our product varies in flavour and ingredient utilsing combinations of cheese, meat and spinach.

In Serbia the word burek refers only to the meat variant, while the one with cottage cheese being called sirnica, one with spinach and cheese zeljanica, one with potatoes krompiruša, and all of them are referred as pita (Burek). Its preparation is not very simple because it takes a while to prepare pastry right and it takes some experience and skill. When I was young, I often watched my grandmother making burek, and I now reproduce her recipe right here in my pastry shop.

Some of the food on sale at the Hot Burek Pastry Shop
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